Georgia, Kakheti. April 28, 2015. Georgia’s premier wine-producing region, Kakheti, is among the top ten most fascinating wine regions in the world.

Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. May 9, 2015. Victory day parade celebration in the capital Stepanakert of the Republic of Artsakh.

Uzbekistan, Bukhara. July 10, 2015. Central Asia’s holiest city, Bukhara has buildings spanning a thousand years of history, and a thoroughly lived-in old centre that hasn’t changed too much in two centuries.

Uzbekistan, Khiva. July 15, 2015. Raw meat never tasted so good!

Uzbekistan, Khiva. July 15, 2015. Khiva’s name, redolent of slave caravans, barbaric cruelty, terrible desert journeys and steppes infested with wild tribesmen, struck fear into all but the boldest 19th-century hearts. Nowadays it’s a friendly and welcoming Silk Road old town that has been so well preserved that it’s often criticised as lifeless – a ‘museum city’.

Tajikistan, Bulunkul. August 15, 2015. Volleyball seems to be a very famous sport among small villages in the Pamir ranges.

Kyrgyzstan, Kazarman. September 2, 2015.

Kyrgyzstan, Song-Kül Lake. September 5, 2015. Preparing dinner.

Kyrgyzstan, Barskoon. September 15, 2015. Everyday life in a Kyrgyz road.

China, Lanzhou. October 15, 2015. In China, Chairman Mao still bigger than Jesus.

China, Xiahe. October 10, 2015. Some young monks in red crimson robes in the Labrang Monastery play football.

China, Shaanxi. October 4, 2016. Scene from a small town wedding. The bride arrives.